Blind Cow Rescued From Dairy Farm Gets A New Friend In Sweet Clip.

A blind rescue cow and her best friend hanging out in the grass.

An animal sanctuary took in a blind rescue cow named Helen after she’d been living on a dairy farm for 19 years. Uncle Neil’s Home, a refuge for former farm animals, was committed to seeing her live out the rest of her days in safety and comfort. However, they realized there was one thing missing from Helen’s new home. She needed a friend!


That’s where Margaret, another rescue cow, came in. Like Helen, this animal had also spent many years on a dairy farm. As soon as Margaret met the blind cow, the two became best buddies! Uncle Neil’s Home shared an adorable post on TikTok chronicling the pair’s friendship, which has over 1 million views so far.


When Helen met Margaret 🐂🤎🐂 It went as perfectly as you could have ever imagined. A match made in heaven, an instantaneous connection. Between them both, there are 36 years of dairy and at least 26 children who are, no doubt, dece@sed by now. Helen and Margaret survived because their bodies were able to continue and produce enough milk to be considered profitable and worthy, well into their teens. In a twisted way, it ultimately saved their lives, and how absolutely lucky are we all to have the privilege of knowing such beautiful, gentle souls. May their every day be filled with nothing but joy, fulfillment, and each other. We are so emotionally overwhelmed in the best way possible to be able to witness their love, and continue sharing their friendship with you. They are so incredibly special, and as we guessed from the moment we saw Margaret’s photo and began the process to take her in, they were meant to be… “We could tell that they were gonna be friends” 🎶🌞🎶 #cow #cows #friendship #love

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“They had an instantaneous connection and love each other deeply,” wrote the sanctuary in their video. “There are 36 years of dairy between them… They are finally free, and will only know love from here on out.”

A blind rescue cow and her best friend hanging out in the grass.
Screengrab from TikTok

Footage of the blind cow and her new BFF shows the two grazing and snuggling together outdoors. Could anything be cuter than two animal best friends who love spending time with each other?

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