These Tough-Looking Guys Could Not Adore Their Teeny-Tiny Pets More.

Tough-looking guys holding their tiny pets.

They say that people look like their pets, but these tough guys and their tiny companions are an exception! It might come as a surprise to see a gruff-looking man sweetly cuddling a little puppy or kitten, but it’s actually a pretty common occurrence. This just goes to show you that you can’t tell everything about a person based on their appearance. Besides, some animals are just too cute not to fawn over!


We’ve scoured the internet for some of our favorite photos of tough guys and their tiny pets. If these men don’t look like the best cat and dog dads on the planet, we don’t know who does!

1. You’d be wise not to mess with this little kitty.

A man with a big beard has a tiny kitten on his shoulder.

This man may have a soft side, but you’re not going to see it if you threaten his pet. That might just be the safest kitten in the world!

2. You’re never too cool to hold your dog like a little baby.

A man with a band t-shirt holds a cute little dog.

He might be dressed for a mosh pit, but the way he’s holding that puppy, we’re betting it’s snuggle time. That’s one pampered pooch!

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