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Duck And Cow Besties Form An Unbreakable Bond That Is Both Puzzling And Adorable.

A two-photo collage. The first is of Dumplin the cow and Milkshake the duck sitting in water next to each other like the best friends they are. The second shows Milkshake the duck sitting on the ground, looking out at the water, while Dumplin the cow looks at Bre Boyette who is recording them on her phone.

There are countless kids movies that feature friendships between various animals. It’s too bad they aren’t true to life… or are they? Bre Boyette, a photographer from Louisiana, has proof that those unlikely bonds are more likely than you may think!

When her cow, Dumplin, isn’t posing for photographs with Bre’s clients, she’s hanging out with her best friend, Milkshake the duck. It’s truly not an exaggeration to say that the two of them have become inseparable. In fact, Bre has shared quite a few TikToks now that capture the two besties.

In one video, they take a leisurely stroll to some nearby water. Although, it seems that Milkshake is a bit more eager to dive in than Dumplin. Still, the loyal duck refuses to get in before her friend.

“Milkshake, you can get in the water without Dumplin,” Bre insisted. “Go swimming. You just have to wait for your cow, huh? Okay. Just two peas in a pod.”

@brehillboyette Milkshake the duck refuses to swim without Dumplin ðŸ®ðŸ¦† #fypã‚· #farmlife #bestfriend #2peasinapod #cowduck #fluffycow #minicow ♬ original sound – Bre Boyette

Their unbreakable bond is precious, but it can sometimes lead to frustrating moments. For example, Milkshake and Dumplin were having a typical day in the water when a storm slowly approached. It was time for Dumplin to go inside, but getting her to leave was no easy task.

“Milkshake, grab your cow and come on,” a man’s voice said while capturing the moment. “Ya’ll are ridiculous.”

With the help of the promise of food, both Dumplin and Milkshake eventually left the water.

@brehillboyette Im not sure ive ever seen a cuter pair of best friends ðŸ®ðŸ¦† #fypã‚· #farmlife #fluffycow #minicow #minihighland #bestfriend ♬ original sound – Bre Boyette

You never know what these besties will be up to as they lounge around the water. One thing Bre didn’t expect, however, was the two of them gently “kissing.”

Sure, they may have just been little nudges, but it was absolutely precious nonetheless!

@brehillboyette Um did I just catch them kissing each other?! 🥹🥹🥹 #fypã‚· #farmlife #bestfriend #minicow #2peasinapod #dumplinandmilkshake #fluffycow ♬ original sound – Bre Boyette

Milkshake and Dumplin really are two peas in a pod – but that doesn’t mean they won’t ruffle each other’s feathers from time to time.

Oftentimes, Dumplin will steal some bites of Milkshake’s food. Bre was capturing one of these very moments when the mischievous cow took things a step further by giving Milkshake the gentlest of nudges so she could search for more of her food.

“Did you finish eating all of her food and now you’re searching for more?” Bre asked.

@brehillboyette Did Dumplin’ just nudge Milkshake to make her move so he could look for more food? 🤦ðŸ¼â€â™€ï¸ðŸ®ðŸ¦† Ruuuu-de #fypã‚· #farmlife #bestfriend #minicow #2peasinapod #dumplinandmilkshake #fluffycow ♬ original sound – Bre Boyette

Milkshake is temporarily separated from her bestie as she heals from a recent leg injury. But you can count on the fact that once she’s free to roam, she and Dumplin will be back to hanging out by the water!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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