Birdcopter Activated: Rescue Parrot Refuses To Let Mom Bathe Alone.

bird on side of bathtub

Any bath is a birdbath if you put a bird in it. This rescue parrot is making his mama’s bathtime a party — he loves to splash around!

This cutie, who has been nicknamed Birdcopter, is a well-loved, green rescue parrot. His fave thing in the world is flapping around in the bathtub, accompanying his beautiful mom!


My love, my heart, my little green mouldy boy. Caption has been changed to reflect that will no longer be entertaining the body shaming ☕️ #birdsoftiktok #fyp #parrots

♬ Little Life – Cordelia

At one point, Mama tried to give the parrot a perch in the water. But this rescue parrot/Birdcopter was not a fan. He wants to be in the action, playing right in the bath alongside his mom!

“Birdcopter activated,” captioned the parrot’s parent. What an absolute cutie pie!

rescue parrot in bathtub
This image is from TikTok.

“Birds are so neat. Like what a funny little fellow. Just wants to hang out with you,” said one fan of this sweet little rescue parrot.

“Beautiful bird and beautiful bird momma,” commented another fan.

Parrots can be fabulous friends, capable of all sorts of amazing tricks. But at the end of the day, they sometimes just want to play! Birdcopter is enjoying all the privileges of his fancy shmancy bird bath. What a treat to witness this friendship in action!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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