Best Man’s Pants Fall Down In Middle Of Ceremony, But Bride & Groom Can’t Stop Cracking Up!

Many couples choose to pull out all the stops during their wedding reception with fun dances and plenty of personality, but they like to treat the ceremony as a more formal, solemn affair. We have seen a groom break up the seriousness of the ceremony by singing his vows to his bride, but the couple in the video below had no such plan. They planned to keep things formal with a traditional church ceremony, but when the best man’s pants fall down, all solemnity goes out the window!


The groom, Edward, rushes to his best man’s aid, but the video below captures his every whisper and giggle since he’s hooked up to a mic!


At first, the priest keeps things light after the incident, saying “That’s why we have a happy and joyful wedding!” Then everyone tries to get it together and move forward… but Edward has the giggles.

“Justine, grab the ring before we die!” he says, as he “dies” of laughter. His laugh is so contagious, even the bridesmaids are wiping their eyes!


The priest, once again, tries to get everyone back into a solemn mood for the prayer, but Edward’s attempts to suppress his laugh just makes the laugh even more powerful! That’s when the priest starts the prayer saying “Lord, give us the gift of laughter!”

Everyone loses it.

Check out the hilarious wedding ceremony below.

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