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Meet Gazpacho, The Snake Who Lives A Double Life As A Scrunchie.

closeup of a snake named gazpacho who has wrapped himself around his owner cheyanne brubaker’s hair like a scrunchie

Cats and dogs are some of the most popular pets, but as a zoo assistant and animal educator, Cheyanne Brubaker recognizes that there are plenty of other lovable animals to choose from!

For Cheyanne, her animal family consists of a dog, hamster, bearded dragon, and most recently, a snake! You might expect this reptile to be the most distant of them all, but it turns out that this little guy absolutely adores being around his humans.

That being said, it did take some time for the snake, who she named Gazpacho, to fully warm up to Cheyanne. She took him in after his last family was no longer able to give him the care he needed, so it took some time for him to adjust to his new life.

But once he did, his sweet personality really began to shine through!

“He is very friendly and docile,” Cheyanne said. “He loves to climb and explore.”


he’s a rescue i’ve been socializing for awhile. he was on my neck & then… #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #snake #snaketok #ballpython #rescue #adoptdontshop

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As much as this slithering snake loves to explore his surroundings, there’s one thing he loves even more: Spending time with mom! But instead of gently wrapping himself around her neck, he prefers to act like a live scrunchie!

As surprised as Cheyanne was the first time he made himself at home in her hair, the biggest shock came from how consistently he does it.

“It was definitely a lovely surprise,” she said. “I was so glad he feels comfortable enough with me now to climb me!”

Because this kind of behavior isn’t something most people would expect from a snake, Cheyanne was happy to share Gazpacho’s loveable quirk on her TikTok account. Not only because it’s adorable, but because she wants to help others realize that snakes, while sometimes scary, can also be just as sweet.

She was a bit nervous about how people would react to Gazpacho, but it seems that even those who are usually frightened by snakes have found themselves smitten with the little guy.

“I was surprised because I figured most people would be scared of the video due to many fears of snakes, but an overwhelming majority found him adorable,” Cheyanne said. “Some people even considered possibly rescuing a snake of their own (with proper research, of course). I think it really helped combat the stigma of all snakes being dangerous and aggressive.”

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