Bear Tries Breaking Into Chicken Coop — But Not On This Woman’s Watch!

Bear attacks a chicken coop in a yard.

Bears can be unpredictable. These tenacious forest animals sometimes appear in urban areas, on roads, and sometimes in backyards. Whether attempting to cross a busy road with four cubs or wrestling with an inflatable reindeer, people have noticed more bears lately. As humans build and encroach on their natural habitats, bears will make themselves at home in ours. That is what happened recently when a bear tried to get into a chicken coop in a yard.

bear in a backyard scoping out a chicken coop.
Image from YouTube.

The video was recorded on a Ring camera and begins with the bear approaching the chicken coop. He took a second to gather his thoughts and plan his attack.

The bear took a few tentative sniffs of the door and a small vent on the chicken coop. He almost seemed to shrug, then began walking away from the coop toward the human house. That didn’t last long as he glanced back over his shoulder and returned to the coop a few seconds later.

Bear trying to get into a chicken coop.
Image from YouTube.

He began assaulting the door and ripped off some of the trim around the edge. After giving up on the door, he explores the roof over the nesting box area.

Fighting Back Against The Bear Raiding Her Chicken Coop

As he seems to be preparing for another attack, we hear a banshee wail coming from the house. That gave the bear the incentive to give up on pursuing the chicken coop. That bear took off running like Flash Gordon toward the back of the yard. When he got to the fence, he leaped over it like Superman, flying over a tall building. After witnessing this event, we must wonder… who is the real chicken in this adventure? Who knew bears could move that fast?

Bear scared away by a women's yell.
Image from YouTube.

If you enjoyed this wonderful tale about how to scare a bear raiding your chicken coop, please share it. Please do not attempt this unless you are safely within your home. We can’t fault the bear for being curious, but if he wants to be a better thief, he’ll need to work on that anxiety first.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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