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5 Labradors, 2 Humans, And A Whole Lot Of Snow: Cutest Hike Ever!

Image shows Labradors on a hike in deep snow.

Depending on their age, Labrador retrievers can be high-energy pets. They love the outdoors. We get a special treat in a video posted on the House of Labrador on Instagram. We have no clue where these people live, but they have A LOT of snow. When it was time to take the family of five Labradors on a hike, the dogs had a surprise for Mom and Dad.

A family of Labrador retrievers going on a snowy hike.
Image from Instagram.

All five dogs, who usually lead the way, decided it would be better to follow Dad. The snow is about knee-deep, with deeper drifts. Forming a single-file line behind Dad, the Labradors were enjoying their hike. They almost knocked him down when Dad was a little slow going up a hill! Thankfully, he had his trusty hiking poles to steady his balance!

The dogs almost knocked down their dog dad when he was too slow going up a hill.
Image from Instagram.

Dog Mom took the lead for a little while to give Dad a break. The Labradors stayed in their single-file line during most of the snow hike. Everyone needed a break at one point, so they stood still long enough for the humans to catch their breath.

Walking single-file on their snow hike, these dogs had a great day.
Image from Instagram.

Our still screen grabs can tell a tale, but it isn’t as fun as seeing the joy on the faces of these five pups as they trudge along on their snow hike. You can watch the entire adventure below.

For most of the hike, the Labradors stayed behind their humans but occasionally wandered in the snow. It was so deep that they were barely visible.

Wandering through the deep snow, you almost can't see these dogs as they veered off the trail for a romp.
Image from Instagram.

We hope you enjoyed watching this Labrador family on their snow hike. The scenery was stunning, and they seemed to have a blast. Please share this with your Labrador-loving friends. Since I’m our primary snow shoveler, I’m glad I don’t live wherever this is!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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