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Bear Sneaks Into Couple’s Backyard Jacuzzi & Drinks Margarita In Funny Home Video.

Sometimes your neighbors have wild parties; other times, your neighbors are just plain wild.

Mark Hough experienced a bit of the latter on a Friday afternoon in his Altadena, California, backyard. Mark and his wife had just gotten home from work, and they settled down in their yard to enjoy a refreshing margarita when they heard something rustling in the bushes near their chairs.


“So I got up, looked over in the bushes and lo and behold there’s a bear climbing up over my fence,” Mark explained. “I realized, ‘Oh my, there’s a bear coming into our yard! So, I yelled to my wife to grab the dogs because they’d been laying out in the sun, and we hightailed it down to our house.”

After his wife grabbed their dogs (and her cocktail, naturally) and headed inside, Mark decided to come back out to see what his new buddy was up to. As it turns out, the bear was just doing what Mark himself had been doing: enjoying himself on a sunny afternoon.

Mark scanned the yard, searching for the bear… and there he was, sitting in his jacuzzi tub!


Mark says it appeared that the bear was thoroughly enjoying himself in the unheated hot tub, stating that he was “bobbling away having fun, playing with the chlorinator and the thermometer, and grabbing the string of the thermometer and throwing it up in the air.”

Although having a wild animal in your yard might be frightening to most people, Mark says in the moment, he was more amused than scared. He stood just 15 feet away from the bear and started filming.

bear in hot tub

“I wasn’t really afraid,” he said. “He seemed pretty calm so I stayed calm. It wasn’t til a couple hours later I thought, ‘Oh boy, what was I doing?'”

When the bear had had enough of the hot tub, he ambled across the yard and discovered the drink Mark had left behind. What really tops off an afternoon of sunning yourself and sitting in a jacuzzi? A cool margarita, of course!

bear licking margarita

“So the bear goes straight over, knocks it over, and laps it up,” said Mark. “It walks around the yard a little bit, and eventually, climbs up a tree and takes a two-hour nap.”

Hey, we always need a nap after a margarita, too. Animals are so like us!

When he recovered from his big afternoon, the bear climbed down from his tree and wandered off. Six of Mark’s neighbors reported seeing a bear in their ‘hood that day, but authorities were unable to locate the freeloading mammal. Talk about the perfect crime!


If this fun-loving bear doesn’t give you summer goals, what will? Let’s all take a page from his book and remember to take a few hours to just relax!

Watch this satisfied bear in a jacuzzi below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today!

California bear gets hot tub treat

Mark Hough was about to enjoy a margarita last Friday, only to have his afternoon cocktail interrupted by a bear, who took advantage of the backyard hot tub and the drink he left behind. 🍹🐻MORE:

Posted by KULR8 News on Tuesday, July 3, 2018