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Guy Creates Magazine All About His Girlfriend & It’s The Sweetest Birthday Gift Ever.

“I could fill a book…”

It’s a figure of speech people use when they’re describing how much they love someone. And it’s usually just that, a figure of speech. But boyfriend Ace Moloi took it literally.

boyfriend Ace Moloi

It was his girlfriend, Portia Boniwe Sebothelo’s birthday and he knew he wanted to do something special. And she never would have guessed that the gift she opened would be the most meaningful of her life.

He presented her with a magazine. But not just any magazine. The covergirl on the front was her!


Inside were love letters, displayed like articles out of a Vogue magazine. It was a glossy, full-color testament to all the love that surrounds her.

Friends and family contributed to the project, penning personal essays about shared memories, how her radio shows, “Divine Intervention” and “GIRL TALK,” have impacted their lives, and how much they cherish the time they’ve spent together.

Her sister, Naledi Makhetha’s article was particularly moving.

sisters mag page

We fight a lot as sisters, and when you are gone for more than a day I miss you already.

I looked up to you in every way. You’d do things like dancing or singling along to your favorite song word for word, and I’d star in admiration and then mimic you. Whatever you did seemed so cool regardless of how minimal it was.

Then there’s the confession from her co-worker, Goitsemang Oganne, who describes her as the “sister I never had.”

coworker mag page

Even when I introduced you to my mother for the first time she liked you immediately, and she could see that you were going to be of positive influence to me. With all the madness that happens in our friendship, there is always a moment of teaching and learning. Ever since we became friends you have taught me sooo much!

What an incredibly thoughtful gift! As Ace says in the dedication page, friends and family usually only pay such thoughtful and loving tributes to their loved ones once they’ve passed away, when they can no longer hear or read their words.

ace and portia

Now she has a momento to look back on for the rest of her life. Like this sweet page from her little daughter.


Portia knows now and for the rest of her life how much she’s truly loved and cherished. Share this incredibly thoughtful gift today!