Bear Gets A Look At Itself In Mirror — And Doesn’t Like What It Sees!

A bear tries to break a mirror in the woods.

We don’t always love how we look, but at least most of us don’t attack the mirror like this bear did! A hilarious YouTube video shows footage of a bear coming across a mirror in the middle of the woods. When the animal saw their own reflection in the glass, they freaked out and threw the object to the floor. Maybe they were having a bad hair day!


Of course, it’s also possible that the bear didn’t understand that the mirror image was only a reflection. Perhaps the animal thought they were looking a rival bear in the face. Whatever the reason for the outburst, we can’t deny that the creature’s reaction was just too funny!

“Wow,” wrote one commenter. “I guess he found his image unbearable.”

Another joked, “That’s me when I see myself in the mirror first thing in the morning.”

Wild animals have been known to respond to their reflections in a variety of ways. For example, this bear was intensely curious when they happened upon a large mirror in the wild. They spent the longest time staring at their own image and trying to discover the workings behind this seemingly magical object.

Watch the video below to see this curious bear’s reaction to finding a mirror in the woods.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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