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Mirror, Mirror, In The Woods… Wild Animals React To Seeing Themselves For 1st Time.

A bird sees itself in the mirror for the first time.

Most woodland creatures don’t get the opportunity to see their own reflection, so the Keeping It Wild channel on YouTube decided to grab a mirror and head into the forest! Selecting a square mirror without a frame, they set it against a tree in a lush area. Next, they mounted a camera so that they could record the animals’ reactions to seeing themselves for the first time.

Footage shows a variety of critters stopping to inspect the mirror, including deer, rabbits, and many species of bird. Some animals were startled by their reflection, sprinting away in fright. Others stopped to inspect the image before them. One inquisitive magpie seemed perplexed by the setup, frequently peeking behind the glass!

Watch the video below to see these animals’ cute reactions to seeing their own reflections!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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