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Beaming Bride Makes Grand Exit From Wedding — With The Wrong Man

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A bride had the best night celebrating her nuptials with friends and family, and when it was time to make her grand exit, she was excited to leave and start her new life, but on her way out, she grabbed the wrong man—oops!

The endearing gaffe was caught on camera and shared on TikTok, where it has racked up hundreds of thousands of views. In the video, the newlywed, Aubrey Day, runs from the ceremony site while her guests gather around. She holds the hand of a man who appears to be the groom, but he laughs and lags behind.

Finally, someone yells, “You have the wrong dude!”

It takes Aubrey a few beats to realize what the guest is yelling. Then she finally glances at the man by her side and sees that he’s not her groom. She nearly falls over in laughter before she gathers the strength to head back into the ceremony to grab the right man.

“Go get him,” someone yells as the crowd cheers.

That time, Aubrey found her husband and pulled him out of the building so they could catch their ride home.


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“We were having fun and dancing,” Aubrey told Fox News Digital. “I think that video kind of describes that. “We had so much fun that I ran out with another person.”

“We were jumping around, having so much fun, and I was thinking, in that moment, that we had to run,” she continued. “I thought I grabbed my husband’s hand.”

Aubrey explained that the pseudo-groom was one of her husband’s co-workers, JT. He thought the switch-up “was the funniest mistake ever.”

“We met back up with JT, and we were just dying laughing,” she said. “I asked him, ‘Why did you go along with it?’ and he was just laughing, and he was like ‘You just grabbed my hand and kept dragging me, and I thought it would make a great story.’”

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