Bride Calls Off Wedding After Unsettling Discovery, Then Finds Beautiful Way To Save The Day!

A black and white photo of a bride sitting in a car. Her groom can partially be seen in the driver's seat. She's looking at the phone in her hands.

After spending lots of time and money preparing for the perfect day, this Californian bride-to-be was ready to say “I do.” Unfortunately, those plans quickly changed when something upsetting was revealed about her fiancé. She wants to remain anonymous, so we don’t know many details. But this is what we do know: She turned her wedding into a selfless act of kindness.

Rather than letting the $15,000 reception go to waste, this kindhearted bride thought about how it could be used for someone else. Soon, Parents Helping Parents came to her mind. This non-profit provides virtual and community support to families in need, including those with disabilities.

Close up of Maria Daane speaking with local news.

In fact, this bride’s family has worked with Parents Helping Parents before, specifically because of a sibling with special needs. As a way to thank them and give back to her community, she offered that the non-profit utilize the space as they saw fit.

When a Bride Calls Off Her Wedding, She Finds a Way to Spread Joy

A group of folks with Parents Helping Parents dance at the reception location of the bride who called off her wedding.

“I’ve never heard of anyone ever calling a non-profit and saying, ‘We want to donate a $15,000 party in two weeks to you,” Maria Daane from the organization says. “This just doesn’t happen.”

In the little time they had to prepare, Maria and the rest of the team worked hard to create an event they called Ball for All. Local families, which included disabled folks, danced the night away while eating delicious food. In fact, there were more than 100 guests!

Far away view of people gathered inside a venue for the Ball for All.

During such a tragic time in her own life, this bride-to-be chose to use this as an opportunity to brighten the lives of others. In turn, I hope that her world got a bit brighter, too. Because no matter what we’re going through, there’s something magical about the act of helping others.

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