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Beachgoers’ Unique Strategy Helps Reunite Lost Child With Frantic Mom.

brazil beach clapping

One of the scariest things a parent can experience is being separated from their child. For small children who can’t always provide accurate information to helpful strangers, it can be especially difficult.

The typical method of reunion might involve going to a “lost child” booth or walking around calling for the child or parent. However, a viral video offers a solution that’s both simple and amazingly effective.


On a busy Brazilian beach, a little boy was found wandering. He had no idea where his family was.

Rather than dozens of voices calling out for his mom, a few beachgoers directed the surrounding crowd to start clapping. Soon everyone within earshot was clapping.


The tourist who filmed the incredible scene was initially confused: “We suddenly heard some clapping, at first we thought it was someone’s birthday but I noticed that the man who was with the child signaled that he was lost.”

The clapping, which was accompanied by chanting at times, continued for about ten minutes. But then, certain beachgoers noticed a group of people hurrying from another part of the beach.


It was the lost little boy’s family! They’d heard the commotion and figured out that it was the little boy at the center of it all. Thanks to this clever and unusual trick, a family was reunited.

Soon the claps turned into genuine applause and cheers.


Check out this amazing footage below. If this happy ending had you clapping, too, don’t forget to share this story!

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