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Farmer Searching For Sheepdog Finds His Secret Resting Spot & Busts Out Laughing.

This dog is the textbook example of what a (canine) shepherd shouldn’t do. And frankly, it’s hilarious.

Last month, a sheepherder in Fordongianus, Italy, caught his dog literally lying down on the job and, thankfully, decided to share it. It’s hard to tell whether this pup’s just lazy and not ashamed to show it, or if he just came up with a solution after being trampled one too many times.


To his credit, he does gives off a couple little, halfhearted barks. But he seems completely fine with the idea of taking it easy and catching a ride instead of doing what herding dogs are supposed to do, which is keep the flock in line.

But maybe this dog is just showing he’s nobody’s fool. You have to admit, he’s got a better view from up there on his perch.


Wait, is that a yawn? Now it’s like he’s actually mocking the sheepherder.

“That’s actually pretty smart! Making himself appear bigger to predators than he really is!”one viewer noted.


But others figured he was just taking the path of least resistance and it looked pretty comfortable.

Watch this hilariously lazy (or incredibly ingenious) pup in the short clip below, and share to spread more laughs!

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