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Brazilian Carnival Sparks Adorable “Baby Shark” Sing-Along On Subway.

baby shark rio

It seems you can’t go anywhere without hearing “Baby Shark.”

What started as a silly children’s tune quickly became the earworm of 2019. The repetitive jingle is still going strong, even in far-flung countries where English isn’t even the most-spoken language! Now there’s a new viral video from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that proves kids everywhere adore the song.

Wikimedia Commons

The video takes place during Rio’s carnival, which is sometimes called “the biggest show on Earth.” Similar to Mardi Gras in the United States, the world’s largest carnival occurs in the days leading up to Lent. Brazil’s carnival brings 2 million visitors to the streets of Rio each day of the week-long event and includes parades, dancing, music, and lots of parties!

Bernardo Glioche was one of the revelers attending Rio’s carnival. He and a group of his friends were having a great time singing on the subway when a family boarded one of the cars. Realizing that their songs had some raunchy lyrics, the costumed men asked one little girl to tell them her favorite song. You guessed it! “Baby Shark!”


That’s when the big group of grown men start singing a rousing rendition of “Baby Shark” right there in the subway car! Soon everyone around them was joining in, clapping their hands and laughing as the little girl grinned on her dad’s lap. When the men reached the end of the chorus they’d pause, waiting for her to add the start of the next line. Video of the sweet moment went viral the second it hit the internet!

“We were singing carnival [music], when suddenly the kid gets into the metro,” said Bernardo. “We stopped singing them, because they have dirty words, so we asked the kid what music she would like for us to sing, and then it happened.”


You can catch glimpses of the little girl amid the flashing colors and sounds of the video, and she looks pleased as punch to be sung to so enthusiastically. The whole video is incredibly heartwarming!

Watch the Brazilian “Baby Shark” video below, and don’t forget to share.

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