Baby Kangaroo Snuggles With Baby Emus And The Pictures Are Too Cute!

At the Wild Action Zoo in Victoria, Australia, a baby kangaroo suddenly found himself part of a cuddle session after two baby emus moved into the zoo and instantly became BFFs with with the young joey.

The day-old emu chicks – named Edi and Eli – were rescued by zoologist Chris Humfrey to save them from feral foxes after their mother abandoned their nest. At their new home, they met and quickly bonded with their older brother, an eight-month-old Kangaroo named Reuben.

Wild Action Zoo

We have so many wild feral foxes in Australia. The father emu ‘Elvis’ would not have been able to protect the chicks from being eaten at night’, Humfrey told BuzzFeed. ‘Now these bundles of fluff sleep next to my fireplace… they all live quite happily together’.

Wild Action Zoo

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Humfrey adds that the emu siblings will be brought back to their parents when they’re bigger. They are just a little too small and exposed to live in the wild for now. Hopefully all three of these buddies of them won’t be too grown up for cuddles with each other when that time to go back into their natural habitat comes.

Wild Action Zoo

Aren’t these little guys just the cutest? Talk about a cuddle sandwich.

Wild Action Zoo

I mean really, does it get any better?

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