Baby Goat Takes On Worthy Adversary: The Family Cat!

A baby goat attempts to headbutt a cat, who is larger.

A feisty baby goat tried to challenge this family’s cat, but his tiny headbutts were no match for the more experienced feline. This adorable showdown was captured on camera, and the footage is too funny! First, the baby goat attempted to intimidate their adversary with a series of menacing hops. When that didn’t work, the little cutie went in for a headbutt… sort of. Although the baby animal pushed with all their might, the cat quickly chased the would-be attacker away with a few warning nibbles!


It wasn’t long before the goat realized they were way out of their league. However, we have to admit that the kid put up a pretty good fight! Commenters fell in love with the baby goat’s enthusiasm in taking on the adult cat with their headbutt technique.

A baby goat attempts to headbutt a cat, who is larger.
Screengrab from Lavender 23/YouTube

“I love how he does that little stomp like, ‘You’re supposed to be SCARED!'” joked one user.

Another wrote, “Even the sound of his little hooves clomping on the floor is cute.”

One of the funniest things about this video is the feline’s reaction. While the baby goat is jumping all over the place and trying to headbutt the other animal, the cat is completely unbothered. Meanwhile, the rest of us are losing our minds over the adorable critter! Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of spunky little goats on the internet.

Watch the video below to see this baby goat attack a cat with the cutest headbutt ever!

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