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Indignant Bluebird Throws A Fit When His Birdbath Is Frozen.

A bluebird standing on a frozen birdbath, then angrily pecking at the camera.

One bluebird’s morning routine was completely thrown off when he found his usual birdbath frozen solid! A YouTuber shared some footage from their bird cam which shows the outraged animal hopping around on the frigid bath and flapping his wings. However, the best part of the clip is when the angry bluebird starts pecking at the camera! The hilarious video has been going viral online.

“I put fresh water out each morning especially with the temperatures dipping below freezing at night,” the YouTuber wrote in their caption. “Needless to say this Bluebird beat me to the birdbath this morning and was not happy.”

An angry bluebird pecking at the camera lens.
Screengrab from Bmills Bird Videos/YouTube

Commenters thought that the footage of the angry bluebird stomping across the frozen birdbath was too funny!

“Oh how cute!” wrote one user. “Hummingbirds will let me know if one of their feeders are empty, they will fly right up to me and complain about the poor service.”

“That bluebird has that ‘I’d like to talk to the manager!’ energy,” another person joked.

A bluebird standing on a frozen birdbath.
Screengrab from Bmills Bird Videos/YouTube

This bluebird isn’t the only feathered critter who has strong opinions on bathtime. Paco the parrot had a lot to say while being groomed!

Watch the video below to see how this angry bluebird complains about his frozen birdbath.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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