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Breakfast With Baby Goats Never Fails To Be Both Chaotic And Cute On This Lively Farm.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a bunch of baby goats crowded together behind the door of a fence. The second photo shows a teen taking a selfie with those same goats behind him. The baby goats are now drinking milk from a feeding rack.

At Goat Daddy’s Farm, you’ll find all kinds of animals – camels, llamas, pigs, and tortoises, just to name a few. But they also have adorable baby goats which, according to 17-year-old employee Jonas, make for the best alarm clocks. In a video on TikTok, Jonas shares what mornings are like on this South Carolina animal sanctuary, farm, and goat dairy.

Once the baby goats have made it clear they’re ready for breakfast, Jonas gathers their milk bottles. Once those are placed in the feeding rack, the eager kiddos waiting behind the fence are set free. They rush to the rack in hopes of reaching the milk first – though there are plenty of spots for everyone.

Things tend to get a bit messy at this point. These happy little goats get so excited that they end up tangled up with each other! Luckily, Jonas is around to help them out. Sure, it’s a chaotic way to start your morning, but it’s such a joy to see those adorable tails wagging from excitement!

Watch the adorable chaos of feeding baby goats in the video below.

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