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2-Month-Old Elephant Has The Cutest Playdate With Tourist & We’re So Jealous!

elephant playdate

Getting in some snuggle time with a baby isn’t typically classified as a full-contact sport…

But when it’s with a rambunctious 2-month-old baby elephant, you’ve got an entirely different ballgame than if you’re cuddling up with a human baby, or even a big puppy. Yep, when it comes to the massive playful mammals, you really have to brace yourself for with elephant calves.

Earlier this month, an unidentified tourist visited the elephants at Chai Lai Orchid, an elephant rescue in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Fortunately for her, Suki was born there just a couple months earlier, which means she was just the right size, at least in her opinion, to be a lap elephant.

suki sleeping

Here she is at just four days old!

She’s obviously grown over the last couple months, not that she cares. But she’s still “small” enough to horse around with the guests.

Suki, dear, be careful. What did I tell you about crushing tourists?

suki mom tourist

Like all good moms, Mae Noi stands close by and ensures her little girl doesn’t get too rambunctious during this little playdate, but Suki’s as careful as a baby elephant can be… She and Mom have already had a long talk about that and how important it is for them to be good ambassadors for elephants, especially since they’re endangered.

So Suki starts out with a couple gentle nibbles on the woman’s back, then playfully runs her to the ground, acting like a puppy! In fact, you almost expect her to roll onto her back for a belly rub, but she knows not to embarrass her mom like that.

**”No Humans Were Harmed In The Making Of This Video”**

suki tourist chai lai orchid

“Baby Suki is playful and strong. She loves to chase humans and then fall asleep on their laps,” Chai Lai Orchid says on its website. “Words (can’t) describe how cute she is.”

This organization has really hit on the best way to get people to care about and help protect these amazing animals, by allowing them some one-on-one face time and providing memories they’ll cherish forever.

Watch this adorable playdate in the video below, and share to spread love to all our pachyderm friends.

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