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Smooth Toddler Outsmarts Dad In Hilarious Clip

A toddler trying to grab Dad's soda cup from the table.

Some toddlers are just too smart for their own good! As hard as parents try to keep their little ones from getting into trouble, they can never fully childproof their environment. That’s because kids always want the one thing that’s out of their reach, and they’ll figure out ingenious ways to get it. We’d be frustrated if we weren’t so busy laughing!

Take this kid, for example. When Dad moved his sugary beverage so that his toddler couldn’t get it, the smart child found a way to bring the beverage to them! All they had to do was tilt the table, and the cup slid right into their waiting hands. What a little genius!

If you think that’s smart, wait until you see this toddler who laughs in the face of childproof locks. After struggling with a door handle that wouldn’t budge, this child tried a different approach. Using all their strength, they actually pulled the lock apart with their bare hands! Mom couldn’t believe her eyes.

In another, similar video, a frighteningly smart toddler figured out how to get into a childproof cabinet. It only took a couple of seconds for this kid to realize that there was a hook on the inside of the door keeping it from opening up. All he had to do was pull it down a little bit, and soon he had full access to all the grown-up board games he wasn’t supposed to be playing with!

After watching these smart toddlers easily dismantle all attempts to protect them from themselves, all we can say is: it’s a good thing they’re cute!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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