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Baby Meets Mom’s Twin For 1st Time & Has Cutest Freakout In Adorable Home Video.

For babies, the world is a brand new, confusing, and often overwhelming place.

If learning how to navigate life while trying to recognize and remember the objects around you wasn’t stressful enough, just imagine how upsetting it would be if you couldn’t pinpoint who your parent was.


No matter how hard this little boy tried, he just couldn’t differentiate mom between two identical women.

The new mom and her twin sister now know to avoid being in the same room as her son because it’s simply too bewildering. In footage that has gone viral, we see the poor nugget getting all worked up. That’s because no matter who holds him, he thinks the other person is his mom.

twin confusion

In the adorable video shot by the sisters’ family member, we see the tot getting passed from one twin to the other. As soon as he settles in one woman’s arms and sees the other, he starts to cry. Then he reaches out his arms for the other as the two giggle and try to soothe him.

confused baby

Eventually, one of the two (likely his real mom, though we’re not sure either) carries the tot away so he can recover from the strange experience.

twin confusion

Millions of people can’t stop chuckling at the poor boy’s initial confusion especially viewers who were also twins and had the same thing happen with their own children.

One wrote on Reddit, “My husband has an identical twin and when my babies were little it was just like this. My oldest called his uncle ‘Uncle Daddy’ for years…”

Here’s hoping the confusion clears up soon for this precious kid. Either way, he’s definitely getting double the love and affection! Watch below as the baby boy tries – and fails – to tell his mom and aunt apart, and share with all the twins in your life.

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