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10-Month-Old Sees Mom’s Identical Twin For The 1st Time.

Meeting relatives for the first time can be confusing for infants. Now, imagine if that new face looks exactly like your mother’s face!

Christine and Stephanie Wons are identical twins who live in different countries. Christine lives with her husband, Canadian sergeant Dainius Å ileika, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Stephanie lives back home in Canada. While the sisters try to get together as often as possible, months often go by before they see each other.


After Christine and Dainius had their first baby, it was ten months before he got to meet his aunt Stephanie. Since the sisters look exactly alike aside from hair color, they knew the baby’s reaction would be fun to see. Dainius grabbed his cell phone and started taking video the minute Stephanie arrived at their house.

The little one’s reaction did not disappoint!


His eyes get enormous as he spots aunt Stephanie for the first time. They’re practically popping out of his head when Christine hands him over to her sister.


He truly doesn’t know what to think! His face is the picture of puzzlement, and he keeps glancing back at his mother as if to say, “How is this possible?”


What a funny little guy! This must be the most confusing incident of his young life. Here’s a woman who looks like his mom, and probably even sounds like her… but she’s standing right next to his actual mother.

Mind = blown!


It was so great of this family to share this funny moment with the world! Hopefully, after the shock wore off, they got to enjoy some much-needed quality time together.

Who wouldn’t enjoy spending time with this adorable face?!


Watch the full video below, and be sure to share to spread a smile today!

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