Awestruck Beachgoers Watch Orcas Leap From Water In “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Sighting

A sighting of an orca whale leaping out of the water.

A recent orca sighting in Seattle has given us some incredible footage of these majestic creatures! Alyssa Slovinac was hanging out on the beach at Golden Gardens Park in Washington when she spotted not one, but several killer whales near the shore. These beautiful animals were leaping out of the water and splashing around, creating quite a spectacular sight. Onlookers were lucky to witness what SWNS is calling a “once in a lifetime” moment.

KOMO News shared Alyssa’s amazing video of the orca sighting on Facebook. You can clearly hear people in the background gasping with surprise as the whales jump out of the water. It must have been a great day for everyone on the beach at Golden Gardens Park!

“What a SPLASH!” the media outlet wrote in their caption. “Amazing video from Golden Gardens Park in Seattle Saturday shows orcas enjoying the water”

Commenters were truly impressed by the footage. Some were also a little envious of those who got to experience the orca sighting in person!

A sighting of an orca whale leaping out of the water.
Screengrab from Facebook

“It’s like they were putting on a performance for the humans,” wrote one user.

“I wish I could witness them in person… they are so beautiful… thanks for sharing,” added another.

It’s a rare privilege to get such a fantastic, close-up view of killer whales like this! We’re sure the people enjoying the beach at Golden Gardens Park that day will always treasure their memorable orca sighting.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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