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Man With Schizophrenia Shares Unique Way That His Service Dog Helps With Hallucinations

A service dog sitting and looking up at the camera.

A man with schizophrenia shared the sweetest video about his faithful service dog on social media, and she’s clearly the best girl! Kody Green explained on TikTok that he experiences hallucinations. Because of that, sometimes he sees people that aren’t really there. This can be incredibly distressing! Thankfully, his service dog, Luna, is trained to help her owner distinguish between hallucinations and real life.

In Kody’s video, he says that he can see someone in the room with him. However, the camera shows us that there’s no one there. As a service dog for someone with schizophrenia, Luna is trained to greet real people when asked. If she doesn’t see anyone, she remains still, letting her owner know that he’s having a hallucination.


Luna is amazing and the training she has helpse differentiate between reality and hallucinations. #psychology #paychologyfacts #schizophrenia #mentalhealthawareness #repost

♬ original sound – Kody Green

Commenters were impressed with Luna’s unique skill set. Many didn’t know that canines could be trained to help people with hallucinations.

“I had no idea service dogs existed for schizophrenia!” wrote one user. “That’s amazing & I’m so happy for you!”

“Wow,” said another. “Please tell her we said she’s doing a great job.”

A service dog sitting and looking up at the camera.
Screengrab from TikTok

Kody is so lucky to have such an amazing dog to keep him rooted in reality! Luna’s ability is especially impressive when you consider how much work goes into becoming a service animal.

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