Man Transforms His Cats Into Cartoon Characters With Hilarious Drawings.

People are constantly coming up with hilarious new ways to keep their minds active during the COVID-19 pandemic. A man named Adrian is spending his time at home in Melbourne, Australia, with his two cats, a Scottish Fold named Atlas and a Scottish longhair named CleoCatra.

Adrian said he’s “always looking for ideas for creating posts” about his pets, who share a popular Instagram account with over 122,000 followers. So when he happened to spot a picture of a face mask with different expressions on it, it sparked an incredible idea!

After giving it some thought, he realized the eyes are the “most expressive parts of the face.” That’s when he grabbed a few pieces of paper and began sketching different facial expressions. When he finished, he held the papers up to his cats’ faces and beheld the magic. And oh, how magical it was!

1. Adrian knew he was onto something because he couldn’t stop laughing.

2. He started sketching more and more silly cartoon expressions.


3. Both CleoCatra and Atlas proved to be willing models for his project.


4. The drawings were a big hit with their social media fans!

5. Of course, he admits to helping his drawings out a bit using Photoshop.

6. CleoCatra and Atlas are actually siblings, but they’re from different litters.

7. Don’t let these stern faces confuse you! These felines are lots of fun!

8. Adrian said they’re both laid-back, friendly kitties who enjoy human attention.

9. “Atlas is a joy to have around the house. She’s very quirky and loves to lay on her back with her paws up in the air.”

10. “CC is the typical little sister and loves to follow Atlas around.”

11. “The facial expressions were a hit, but I try not to repeat the same theme over and over again,” Adrian added.

12. We can’t wait to see what the cat dad comes up with next!

What a creative project to do at home! The cats seem to love all the attention, and who could blame them?

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