Orphaned Baby Hare Thanks Rescuers With Adorable Daily Visits.

A few months ago, Mark Terry was mowing his lawn in Lincolnshire, England, when he came across a tiny baby hare.

He knew the leveret was an orphan because he’d seen that an adult hare had passed away in his garden just the day before. Without hesitation, Mark wrapped the baby up in a towel and brought her inside, where his wife Natasha took over.

Natasha quickly called animal rescuers in their area, but they weren’t able to help due to COVID-19 restrictions. So Natasha turned to the Internet to find out what to do. Soon, she was buying powdered rabbit milk and kitten-sized feeding bottles and enlisting her three kids to help her care for the defenseless animal.

For the next eight weeks, the Terry family raised the adorable wild hare. They named her Clover and fell head over heels in love with her in the process!


Eliza, Natasha’s daughter, adores animals and hopes to become a vet someday. She had a wonderful time tracking Clover’s weight gain and monitoring her food and water consumption.

“Then our middle son Blake, who has autism, also really likes animals, so he was really interested in seeing how she was getting on and being involved in her care,” Natasha said. “They even helped cleaning out and the not-so-fun jobs.”

When Clover was finally big and strong enough to leave the “nest,” her adoring family released her in a friend’s field not far from their property.

They thought the incredible experience was over, but apparently Clover had other ideas! She showed up at her “childhood home” just a few days later, and now she comes back to visit almost every day!

“She came through the back door into the house, which we were surprised about, and she went upstairs and looked into the mirror on our wardrobe — it was like she’d turned up to check how much she’d grown,” Natasha said.


It’s been two months since Clover returned to the wild, and she’s still coming back to visit the place where she felt so safe and nurtured. Natasha said they all “feel a bit like Snow White” whenever the hare shows up and always look forward to spotting her.

While it’s clear Clover is still quite wild, the bond between this hare and her humans is nevertheless unbreakable!

Animals never seem to forget the kindness they get from humans! We’re so glad this family decided to give Clover a second chance at life. They obviously got so much out of the experience as well!

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