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Artist “Disneyfies” 15 More Pets In Pawsome Illustrations.

one photo is an animated portrait in a 2d style reminiscent of disney and dreamworks. There’s a rescue pigeon named herman comforting a small rescue puppy at the mia foundation. the portrait was made by a dutch illustrator named isa. the other photo is an animated portrait in the same style. this one is of a bunny named bini who is painting using a paintbrush in her mouth. it also by isa.

There’s something about the classic 2D animations from Disney and Dreamworks that warms our hearts. Maybe it’s partly nostalgia, but it’s mostly to do with the fact that this art style is insanely adorable!

These two factors played huge roles in Dutch illustrator, Isa, deciding to quit her old job in order to start her own illustration business. Add in her love of animals and you’ve got her dream job: A pet portrait artist! Using portraits pet parents submit and the animation styles she grew up with, Isa creates some unforgettable masterpieces.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites for you to appreciate below!

1. Joey and Petee may resemble wolves, but they’re some of the sweetest pups you’ll ever meet!

2. “So Brodie from @bestboybrodie has found his doppelgänger! Left is Raven, their new rescue pup, and right is Brodie. She that looks so much like him, it’s unreal.”

3. These tough foster kitties, Tucker and Rowan, have been through a lot. Thankfully, they have each other and a new family now!

4. Wilfred isn’t a morning person.

5. Bini’s incredible talent is only paralleled by her cuteness.

6. Venus is the perfect example of why there’s nothing wrong with being different.

7. “This little fighter is Simba. He’s a paralyzed rescue kitten adopted by @simba.sworld that’s rolling his way through life.”

8. Winnie looks like she was born to be the star of her own Disney movie.

9. We can already tell that Pimento, Alfonso, and Kalamata are going to go on so many fun adventures together!

10. This July, Beth will be 6 years Cancer-free!

11. “Herman is a handsome rescue pigeon that is unable to fly and is now taking care of the rescue pups of the Mia Foundation.”

12. Midas, the cat who was born with four ears, is somehow even cuter in cartoon form!

13. Stella and Mabel understand the importance of an afternoon nap.

14. Be careful: You’re about to get lost in Nellie’s puppy eyes!

15. “Lilo and her foster friend McFlurry would be the perfect duo for a new buddy movie, don’t you think?!”

“In my portraits, I try to capture an animal’s spirit,” Isa says on her website. “With the twist that they look like they could star in their very own animated movie!” In other words, this 23-year-old is successfully living her dream! Which portrait was your favorite?

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