Meet Midas, The World’s Cutest 4-Eared Cat.

closeup of a gray cat with four ears named midas

Midas has always stood out from other cats, and thousands of people across the world absolutely adore her for it!


Because of a genetic mutation, this precious feline was born with two sets of ears and a defective jaw. Despite her unusual appearance, Midas doesn’t have any health issues and is absolutely living her best life.

That being said, life started off a bit rough for this sweet kitten. She was born in a backyard in Turkey along with five siblings. With such a unique look, there was no telling how long it would take for her to get adopted.

Luckily, the perfect family came along in no time!

As soon as Canis Dosemeci and her family took a look at that unforgettable face, they fell in love. Plus, they knew her extra ears could deter others from adopting her, so they were more than happy to become her forever home right away.

“We have never thought of buying a cat, we just wanted to rescue a cat from the street, and we wanted to adopt her,” Canis said.

Once Midas officially joined the Dosemeci family, she fit right in, even making friends with the two golden retrievers they had previously adopted, Suzi and Zeyno.

“Midas is a very playful cat. She likes to cuddle and sit on my lap and sleep on my lap. She goes along with the dog, Suzi,” Canis said. “Yeah, we’re a big family.”

Thanks to Midas’ Instagram, people around the world are able to stay updated on the adventures she and her happy family embark on together. In fact, there are already over 137,000 people who can’t get enough of this strange little cat!

Sure, every now and then there are people who are a bit uncomfortable with her bonus ears, but even they can’t help falling in love with her just like the Dosemeci family did the day they brought her home.

“People are so surprised, they can’t believe it. Everyone wants to come to see her, or they want photos,” Canis said. “Some people also find her scary, but generally people think her sympathetic.”

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