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Are You A Golden Retriever Parent? If So, This Hilarious “3 Stages” Video Is For You!

Golden Retriever

As all dog owners know, each breed has its own unique set of personality traits, and they change as a dog moves from their puppy months through adulthood. One golden retriever owner hilariously broke those traits into “3 stages.”

Charlie the Golden’s parents posted a video on TikTok that has over 4 million people laughing. In it, they show the pooch as a tiny puppy until now, when he’s a full-grown fluff-ball.

The clip begins with stage 1, also known as the “omg he’s such a cute, tiny potato” phase. Old footage shows the sweet golden retriever looking like a tail-wagging spud and getting away “with murder” because he’s so cute that no one can be mad at him.

Then, the video moves into the “Oh no, what have we done phase,” which is the equivalent of teenage years in humans. At this point, Charlie is fully grown, but he still feels like a puppy. So he rips up pillows and jumps and runs through the house like “a wrecking ball.” During stage 2, golden retrievers never sleep, either. So, they’re always on.

Golden Retriever Owner Will Miss The Chaos Of The “Potato” Puppy

When the dogs finally calm down, they head into the final stage, which is hilariously called, the “wish we still had a puppy stage” because once the “chaos ends,” golden retriever parents realize how much they actually loved it.

“You know you would do it all over again because it was all worth it,” reads a caption.

The video made thousands chuckle because they know all about the chaos, and how much they missed it when it was gone. It also made dozens sentimental about the golden retrievers who are no longer with them.

“Cherish every moment you have with them because stage 5, when a part of you is missing, changes you as a person😔,” wrote a mourning pet parent.

“This is a reminder to enjoy every day with your pupper people,” wrote another.

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