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Black Bear Comes Across Chair In Backyard… And Does Something Too Human!

Images show a black bear exploring a green plastic chair in a backyard.

Susan Kehoe lives with bears. She educates people about these large woodland critters through her TikTok channel, which features many videos. The narration is provided by Susan as she watches a black bear try out a chair.

As the bear moves across the yard, he stops at a green plastic chair, opting for a closer look. He sniffs, and the chair shifts slightly. As he places a left front paw on the chair, we think it will collapse or fall out from under his weight. Susan talks quietly to the bear, encouraging his exploration.
Image shows a black bear walking past a green cast iron bistro set in a residential yard.
Image from TikTok.

The bear gingerly gets onto the chair, standing awkwardly. He shuffles his paws enough to rotate until he faces Susan. Just as we think he will jump out, the bear sits in the chair with a definitive “thump.” Susan is quick to offer a happy, “You did it!” The bear shifts while sitting. Susan continues praising him. The bear sits in the chair, looking around awkwardly and contemplating his life choices.

The chair wobbles. Susan tells the bear to be careful so he doesn’t fall. She reminds the bear to get out of the chair gently, which he does. Susan continues speaking lovingly to the bear as he wanders off.

Left image shows a black bear getting into a green plastic yard chair. Right image shows the bear sitting in the chair.
Images from TikTok.

We must remind you that black bears can be dangerous, and you should never approach them. Susan is with these bears daily and is an experienced observer. She doesn’t approach the bears. She merely observes them from a safe distance. Susan dedicates her time to helping people understand these magnificent animals with her videos. If bears wander into residential spaces, please stay safe and keep your distance.

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