Unfortunate Golden Retriever Gets Unceremoniously Demoted To “Silver Retriever”

Golden Retriever being demoted to Silver Retriever.

Magic is a golden retriever with a job. Unlike a service dog, Magic’s job is on the internet, entertaining us. And with a job, one should expect yearly performance reviews. Mind you, the “boss” has told her what a good girl she was all year. There has been nothing but praise. So imagine hearing, for the first time all year, that you might be the first golden retriever ever demoted to silver retriever! That is what happened when Magic went for her yearly employment review!

Images from Instagram Here and Here.

Magic was devastated. As a dog and internet sensation, Magic excels in the field. However, her skills as a retriever seem to be sadly lacking, which caused the poor review. According to the review write-up, “Considering the only things you’ve successfully retrieved over the past year are tiny sticks and dirty underwear, unfortunately we’re going to have to demote you from Golden Retriever to Silver Retriever.”

Images from YouTube.

Magic appeared to be taking the news fairly well. But then the ultimatum came. She either cleans up her act and improves or may face further demotion to Bronze Retriever! The “boss” noted that they felt this had been a productive meeting in the caption, but we won’t be certain until the new year progresses and we can watch Magic in action.

Images from YouTube.

If you would like to monitor Magic’s progress toward improvement, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram. In all honesty, we aren’t expecting to see much change in Magic’s behavior. We’re pretty sure she forgot the entire incident as soon as she saw the next unattended sock. Once you get a taste for smelly socks, changing habits is hard.

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