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Pro Horse Trainer Films A Shetland Pony Version Of “Bringing Out The Dead.”

“The Cutest Little Life Savers”may come off as your garden variety dog and pony show, but it’s really not. And for a couple good reasons.

First off, no dogs appear in the video. But it does have two co-stars, Albert and Ernie, two Shetland ponies who live in the southern England community of Devon with their owner, Emma Massingale.

emma albert ernie

Emma is a pro horse trainer, and she recruited this adorable duo to star in the video, along with her fiancé, Jeremy, a former event rider and trainer who now spends most of his time behind the camera.

The “Cutest Little Lifesavers” is a public service announcement. Its goal? To highlight the importance of knowing first aid and safety procedures for both horse and rider.

“I love training horses, that’s my thing,” Emma explains. “You teach them how to do something and they make it into their own and take hold of what you taught them and do it really well, it’s really cool.”


The opening scene shows Jeremy collapsing into an unconscious heap in a grassy field. And as his horse looks on in alarm, a siren goes off and blue lights start twirling.

Albert and Ernie are off to save the day! Those saddlebags, as you’ll soon see, are filled with all the lifesaving gear these two could possibly pack on such short notice.

albert and ernie

When they arrive at the scene, they quickly assess the situation and do a mental triage. Albert trots off to tend to is horse, while Ernie gets to work on Jeremy, administering a rapid series of chest compressions and quick breaths.

Stay with us, Jeremy! Don’t go into the light!


What you don’t see is trainer Emma behind the camera, issuing a series of well-rehearsed commands: “Hop, hop!” gets Ernie bouncing on his chest, while “kiss, kiss” gets him to puff on his face.

Wow, we’re impressed. The video’s only halfway through, and they’re already on #5!

first aid checklist

#5: Making Patient Comfortable.

horse and beanbag


#6: Appropriate Treatment.

Arnold is trained to deal with any situation quickly and professionally as they wrap the injured horse’s leg.


And that’s a wrap!

“I just hope Emma thinks of some more ideas where I can stay in charge of the camera,”Jeremy says, and we can definitely back him up on that one.


Check out the entire PSA in the video below and let us know what you thought in the comments below. Share to spread some laughs!

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