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AGT Judges Freak Out When Shy 13-Yr-Old Girl Begins This Jaw-Dropping Performance!

Left image shows Arshiya Sharma during her America's Got Talent opening interview. Right image shows a transformed Arshiya beginning her haunting dance routine.

When a shy 13-year-old introduced herself to the America’s Got Talent judges, she looked like a typical teenager. A lanky dancer’s body in a cute sweater. Arshiya Sharma traveled from India to the AGT stage for this audition. Her mom was nervously waiting in the wings with Terry Crews. Welcoming Arshiya to the show, judges asked about her act. She described it as a dance routine with some gymnastics and flexibility moves. Intrigued, the judges encouraged her to begin. Arshiya scurried off the stage to “prepare.”

Stagehands brought out a small wooden house with dolls scattered around the base and one lying across the peaked roof. The judges speculated about what they might be about to experience. The music started, and there was movement behind the tiny house as Arshiya made her entrance.

Image shows the beginning of Arshiya Sharma's dance for AGT.
Image from YouTube.

Arshiya shook the dollhouse and popped up over the roof with a scream. The audience screamed. The judges screamed. As she crawled from behind the dollhouse, Simon said calmly, “She’s changed.” The shy girl transformed into a fully costumed dancer who appeared ready for an audition for a remake of The Exorcist.

Image shows dancer Arshiya Sharma creepily crawling across the America's Got Talent stage.
Image from YouTube.

The music, a super creepy version of Ring Around the Rosie, was perfect. What followed was amazing to watch but also haunting. Arshiya is a brilliant contortionist. She moved her body in ways that would cripple a normal person. The sheer athleticism of her act is incredible. Arshiya moved around America’s Got Talent stage with the assurance of a professional dancer.

The audience and judges cringed with each new articulation as Arshiya danced, twisting, turning, and rotating her limbs horrifyingly. The most unnerving part was the crunching sounds during some of Arshiya’s most vigorous contortions on the AGT stage.

Arshiya Gets 4 Yes Votes From America’s Got Talent Judges

During her opening interview, Arshiya told the America’s Got Talent judges that she wanted her dance to be “different.” Her choreography was definitely fresh and different. The complexity of the moves had everyone spellbound as the creepiness kept them cringing and wincing. After her performance, one thing was certain: Arshiya had the talent to earn her place on the AGT stage.

Left image shows performer Arshiya during the opening interview. Right image shows the same dancer in full costume and makeup.
Image from YouTube.

During the closing interview, Howie Mandel said that, with two daughters and two granddaughters, this “was the scariest, most horrific dance recital I have ever been to.” Heidi Klum stated that Arshiya was “probably one of the best contortionists we’ve ever seen.” When Sofia Vergara spoke about the crunch-crunch noises, Arshiya performed an encore backflip, landing on her chest. Simon stated that he had expected a Disney routine or similar because Arshiya was so sweet during the opening interview. He said the act was “so unexpected, and frightening, and brilliant at the same time.”

When the final tally was in, all four judges gave the performance a “yes” vote. Simon said, “The chihuahua turned into a werewolf, and we loved you!” As the last vote was announced, that shy 13-year-old reappeared, and Arshiya jumped excitedly. She ran off-stage to her waiting mom with a huge smile, and Simon remarked, “That was bloody amazing.”

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