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Janitor Earns Golden Buzzer For Chill-Worthy Performance Of “Don’t Stop Believin'” On “America’s Got Talent”

A two-photo collage. The first shows Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum standing as they cheer, mouths wide open. Klum's arms are in the air and Mandel is clapping. The second image shows janitor Richard Goodall singing, eyes closed

With each new season of America’s Got Talent, it becomes harder to imagine how there can be more performances that leave us speechless — then someone like Richard Goodall auditions. Although he’s always loved music, early in life, he took a job as a janitor in a local Indiana middle school. He’s still a janitor to this day, but his passion for music never went away. In fact, students can often hear him singing as he works, something they all adore. Still, when it came time for this janitor to potentially audition for AGT, he was understandably nervous.

Richard has never done anything like this before. Just before his performance, he admits he’s never even been on a plane before his journey to California. But in spite of any nerves or doubts he had about auditioning, all of that melts away the moment Don’t Stop Believin’ starts to play. The audience and judges wait with anticipation, totally unaware of just how incredible Richard’s singing skills truly are…

As you can see in the video above, Richard’s rendition of this classic is absolutely breathtaking. Each note carries the emotions needed to capture what people love so much about it. It’s no wonder, then, that Heidi Klum chose to press her Golden Buzzer for Richard. This will send him straight to the live shows!

Janitor’s Golden-Buzzer Worthy AGT Performance Gives Everyone Chills

After Richard’s performance, Simon Cowell confidently shares that “America is going to love” him. Based on all of the amazing feedback fans are already giving him, it’s safe to say that he was right!

Close up of Richard Goodall singing passionately with his eyes closed.

“If you told me this was Steve Perry and I was blindfolded, I would believe you,” a fan writes. “I’ve never been this blown out of my seat since Nightbirde’s audition 3 years ago. Richard deserves this shot. He didn’t stop Believin’ and now everyone is going to be on his side. Out of this stratosphere, Richard.”

“I can’t express with words how proud I am to be able to say that I am one of the kids who always told him how amazing his voice is,” another person shares. “My favorite part of walking through the hallway of Elementary school is hearing this phenomenon. Richard, you are indeed a true hero.”

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