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“Aggressive” Cat Saved From Euthanasia Shows Her True Colors.

A cat saved from euthanasia plays with her new family's toddler.

A cat named Mittens was facing euthanasia based on her “aggressive” behavior, but one family saved her in spite of the risk. They couldn’t be happier with their new kitty! Her owners uploaded a sweet video of the feline playing with their toddler, demonstrating how calm and affectionate she is. It seems now that Mittens lives in a loving home, she’s a changed cat! This family is now over the moon with the “aggressive” cat they saved.

“Cats deserve more patience,” wrote the kitty’s family in their caption.

People in the comments section had plenty to say about Mittens and other so-called “agressive” rescue cats who deserve to be saved from euthanasia.

A cat saved from euthanasia plays with her new family's toddler.
Screengrab from @rescuecatmittens/TikTok

“I work in a shelter,” wrote one TikTok user. “I truly never met a cat that was not a good cat. Even the spiciest one. Once they trust and let go of fear, they shine.”

Another said, “She’s super protective and caring. Nice cats like that get super aggressive when they get scared. It’s understandable.”

Cats and children actually get along a lot better than you might think! Although felines have a reputation for being a little more stand-offish than some pets, there’s ample evidence on the internet that they make incredible babysitters.

Watch the video below to see how a cat saved from euthanasia became BFF’s with her family’s toddler!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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