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15 Cats Who Have Purrfected The Art Of Childcare

cats cuddling with sleeping infant and watching tv with toddler

Is there anything cuter than kids cuddling with friendly cats and kittens? We don’t think so!

Dogs are often credited as perfect companions for children of all ages, but never underestimate the power of a good kitty sitter. People online love sharing photographs of their adorable felines snuggling with their equally-adorable tots, and we can’t get enough of them. These curious cats have an innate ability to care for human children, and the best part is they get paid in catnip and kibble.

1. These cute kittens were drawn to a warm, sleeping infant like heat-seeking missiles.

2. Watch and learn, kiddo! She’ll have him chasing laser pointers in no time.

3. Oops! They forgot to tell the cat about the new addition.

4. This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.

5. We get it! We get that same smile on our face when our cat cuddles in bed.

6. Just a couple of buddies watching the world go by.

7. Suddenly, in the playroom, there was a meeting of the minds.

8. We can feel the full-body purrs from here.

9. The first rule of kitty babysitting: sleep when the baby sleeps.

10. “We’re not sure what it is, but it smells weird and it’s making strange sounds.”

11. A good kitty sitter knows just how much screen time is enough.

12. “Well hello there, tiny human!”

13. First day at home, and the baby has already won over the household’s toughest critic.

14. We can’t think of a better friend to walk through life beside.

15. Then again, why walk when you can hitch a ride?

We’re convinced, how about you? Cats really do have a knack for minding children. We wouldn’t trust them to pet sit our hamster or lizards, though!

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