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Adorable Baby Elephant Tries, And Fails, To Figure Out How To Use Their Trunk

A baby elephant drinking from a body of water.

Growing up isn’t easy just ask this baby elephant who’s still trying to learn how to use her trunk! One TikToker shared the most adorable video from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In the clip, the little critter crouches down by the edge of the water for a drink. However, the calf can’t seem to get her trunk to cooperate! In the end, she stands up and kicks at the ground as though frustrated.

According to Zoo Atlanta, the way that elephants drink water is actually more complex than you’d imagine. First, these animals draw the liquid into their long trunks. Next, they aim for their mouths and spray!

Unfortunately, the baby elephant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom had some trouble controlling her trunk. She couldn’t seem to get it into the right position in the water. This poor little cutie was certainly doing her best, though! Commenters fell in love with the baby animal’s antics.

“The little kick at the end is really saying ‘aww shucks,'” joked one user.

“Omg she’s trying so hard,” wrote another.

A baby elephant drinking from a body of water.
Screengrab from TikTok

Hang in there, baby elephant; you’ll get the hang of your trunk soon enough!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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