Officer With Lightning-Fast Reflexes Saves Police Dog From A 75-Foot Fall Off Bridge

Police dog

Police cam footage caught the heart-dropping moment an officer used lightning-fast reflexes to save her K9 partner from a 75-foot fall.

According to a Facebook post, Deputy Lauren Donaldson and her police dog Zeppelin were walking back to their squad car after a felony arrest on the 528 Causeway on the Florida Turnpike when Zeppelin suddenly lept over the guard rail.

The video shows Zeppelin calmly leading the way before jumping with no warning. Deputy Donaldson immediately goes into action and braces herself against the concrete wall to help pull Zeppelin back to safety. You can hear her saying “No! No!” in panic as she reaches down to lift him.

Fortunately, the deputy rescued her police dog within seconds. As soon as he’s back on the bridge, Zeppelin continues to head to the car uninjured with his tail wagging.

“Lauren’s rescue of her beloved partner is even more amazing when you consider that “Zeppelin,” a Belgian Malinois weighs approximately 75 pounds and Lauren weighs 122 pounds when she is soaking wet and holding a bowling ball,” reads the post, which was written by Sheriff Wayne Ivey. “Yet somehow, she managed to not panic and pull “Zeppelin” back to safety!!”

As the sheriff noted, had Zeppelin fallen, he would have landed in the Indian River and likely wouldn’t have survived.

“Lauren and “Zeppelin” are two-time reigning champions in the “Hardest Hitting K-9” category of the Space Coast K-9 Competition. And I could not be more proud of Lauren for all she does as a member of our team and to protect our community!!”he added.

“I’m still mad at “Zeppelin” for giving us all a huge scare,” Sheriff Ivey concluded. “But [I] am so grateful that he is okay and unharmed!!”

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