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“A List Of Things That I’ve Done To Upset My 4-Year-Old This Week”

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No matter how old we are, sometimes, there are moments when the most insignificant stuff can make us upset. It’s no wonder, then, that little kids are all-the-more prone to having big feelings over tiny things. If you currently have, or have ever had, a little one of your own, this should come as no surprise. Content creator Kristen Cook has a 4-year-old, and she’s constantly amazed at what can upset her little one.

This happens so much, Mom created the brilliant idea to document the oddest ways she manages to upset her 4-year-old. In the video below, she specifically recounts the events of that particular week. Let’s just say there was no shortage of hilarious material to share!

From not being invited to her mom’s wedding (which she wasn’t alive for) to having her tower of toilet paper torn down and flushed away, this 4-year-old has quite of list of complaints racked up against Mom.

Although all emotions are valid, even the silliest ones, it’s no wonder parents like Kristen find themselves at a loss for words in these moments. I mean, what are you supposed to say when your kid is upset that you chose to wear black pants?

Mom Shares Hilarious Ways She Upset Her 4-Year-Old This Week

In any case, this confused yet amused Mom can rest assure in knowing that she is certainly not alone in her experience.

“Grandson was literally upset because I put the peanut butter on top of the jelly on his sandwich,” one person writes in the comments. “Took it back into the kitchen, flipped it over and took it back to him and it was perfect.”

“My son was mad because his pee was flushed down the toilet,” another person shares. “In a dramatic cry, she said ‘bye pee’ and proceeded to cry historically.”

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