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“Mortified” Mom Makes Epic Mistake While Planning Daughter’s Birthday Party—Netizens Are In Stitches

Mom evite

One mom had the best of intentions when she set up an Evite list for her daughter’s first birthday party. But a slight misunderstanding caused her to accidentally invite 487 people, and the problems didn’t stop there.

Emily King was thrilled to throw her daughter a Lord Of The Rings-themed party. As she told Today, she’s 20 weeks pregnant. So she wanted to make the day special since it would be her daughter’s only celebration as an only child.

As she was starting her guest list, Emily saw an option labeled, “Import guests from previous parties.” Thinking she would be able to sort through her guests first, she then chose “import contacts.” Afterward, she searched “Dad” to start finalizing, but Evite showed that she’d already invited him.

At first, Emily thought there was some sort of “weird” glitch. But then she saw a 487-person guest list pop up. She scrambled to delete the event, but it was too late. The messages were already sent.

“All the blood drained from my body,” she said.

The mother took to TikTok to share her mortifying Evite story. While she was caught between laughter and tears, she managed to find the humor in the situation, which actually got more mortifying and hilarious than you could imagine.


If you recevied an invitation, no you didnt. 🫣

♬ original sound – Em, IV, Montie, & Ren

Evite Steps Up With A Gift Card And Namesake App Feature

After detailing how the gaffe happened, Emily explained who got the invitations and how those invitations were addressed.

“Not only did it invite my boss, all of my coworkers (and) all of the people that have ever been stored in my phone, but it sent invitations based (on) how they are stored in my phone,” Emily explained.

“I want you to just take a second and think about everyone stored in your phone and how they’re stored in your phone,” she continued. “And then imagine someone receiving an invitation … ‘Derek Eye Roll.’ He received an invitation (and) ‘Jess Hit Her Car In Parking Lot.’”

“Anyways, I have to quit or get a new identity,” she admitted. “I don’t even know.”

The over 12 million people who viewed her video within a week offered support and jokes that may have helped Emily come to terms with the mistake.

“I wonder if ‘Sarah weird downstairs lady’ is coming,” one person laughed.

“I would die if “Mark STILL OWES ME 100” came to my son’s bday,” someone joked.

“Your daughter’s party is going to be LIT,” said another.

Evite’s senior director of brand marketing, Olivia Pollock, told Today that her company created a new feature in the mom’s honor called “Emily Hotfix.” It removes the ‘Select All’ function on iOS apps,”

“We’re always learning from our users, and hope this update is a help for other users too,” she said. 

To help cover the cost of the giant party, the company also sent Emily a $250 DoorDash gift card. 

“I have a pretty good sense of humor … I’m glad I could bring joy to people,” she noted “My second daughter’s birthday party will be just as cool.” 

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