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92-Year-Old Grandma Hilariously Messes With Scammers In Viral Clip

A 91 year old grandma acting senile on the phone with a scammer.

Everyone hates telemarketers and phone scammers. We receive hundreds of calls offering us everything under the sun. There are several ways to deal with the calls. You can ignore them and not answer. You can politely tell the caller, “No.” Or you can take a lesson from this grandma when scammers call.


Bumma at it again🤣Should i make this a series? I have so many videos… #funnygrandma #scammers #humor #grandma #fyp #foryoupage

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In a TikTok video, user Cheyenne Gonzolez (chey.mami) posts her “Bumma” having fun with a telemarketer. Cheyenne assures us that her Grandma is 92 and in complete charge of her faculties. When a telemarketer calls, she goes into her (should be patented) “senile granny routine.” Once Grandma realizes the call is a scammer, she goes off on a tangent.

Image shows a grandma talking to a phone scammer about the rapture.
Image from TikTok.

“You know, I can’t you because I… you know you believe in God… do you believe in God? I think I’m gonna get raptured did you know did you ever hear the rapture?” She continues, reinforcing that she doesn’t need all the stuff they’re trying to sell because, “Jesus is coming back soon, and he’s gonna take me up in a cloud you know.” Then, she switches her tactics and starts asking them questions. “Are you ready to go? Are you?”

Cheyenne’s grandma has been doing this to scammers for a while. Another video recorded in August shows “Bumma” confusing the caller with names. Repeatedly asking their name. Then Grandma tells the scammers that her name is Deborah (it’s Donna). Then she starts calling the scammer Deborah as she verifies that her name is Mrs. Lude Kalanger. After that, she pretends she can’t hear the caller or understand what they’re saying. The result is hilarious!


My whole family is like this thanks to her 😂 she has a perfectly sound mind btw. #funnygrandma #grandmasoftiktok

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