Woman Cleverly Pranks Scammer, “The Authorities Are On Their Way.”

Pranking phone scammers.

Phone scammers seem to be getting worse lately. No one is safe. If you have a phone, you will receive scam calls. According to US government sources, the most frequent categories of potential scam calls include romance, spoofing, charity, and robocall scams. We found a young lady who is an expert at pranking phone scammers!


Many people ignore any phone numbers they don’t recognize, allowing the calls to go to voicemail. While this works in many instances, you might be expecting a call back from a business that isn’t in your contacts. Depending on your phone service, the display may have a complete caller ID or display the phone number.

Sign that reads "Scam"
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This Young Lady Is Pranking Phone Scammers

Under the hashtag #irlrosie, there are dozens of instances of this young lady pranking phone scammers. Rosie Okumura is a real person who uses her talent as a voice actor to give a little payback to phone scammers. She has been interviewed on TV and has tons of fun while collecting millions of views on YouTube and Instagram. Rosie threatens to unleash the authorities on our hapless scammer in our featured clip.

Rosie Okumura in a call center wearing a headset with microphone. Her producer is standing over her shoulder.
Image from YouTube.

We’re unsure if Rosie uses a script for her calls, but they are hilarious. She begins with, “I’m getting an alert here that uh your location is running a scam center.” You can hear the flustered scammer on the line asking, “What are you talking about?” Rosie calmly explains that they are working to locate the call center so the authorities can be notified.

Rosie Okumura pranking a phone scammer.
Image from YouTube.

The scammer asks Rosie to tell him his location. She said they could use his IP address to track the correct physical location. She asked the scammer for their first and last name, and they hung up! This happens frequently to her and usually brings a smile and a quick giggle. Rosie is a pro and quickly moves on to continue pranking other phone scammers.

Quick Tips To Protect Yourself

If you have to answer these calls, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. The most common advice is never to say “Yes.” Scammers often lead with, “Can you hear me?” Say “no” or hang up immediately. The reason for this advice is that scammers may record your answer and plug it into a different script, allowing them to manipulate purchases and more in your name, saying they have “voice approval.” If you’re in the mood for a fun adventure, you can always do what this young lady did.

Never offer personal information. Do not give an incoming call your address, name, or other information. Medicare scammers will try to tell you you are eligible for all kinds of medical equipment. They will tell you they need your address to send you your knee or back braces. Listen, if they have access to your medical records to know that you have bad knees, they can find your address on their own.

If you suspect a call is a scam, many avenues exist to report it. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) keeps an updated listing with tips and suggestions to help you avoid scams.

Watch the short clip here, or head over to Rosie’s YouTube channel and spend the day laughing at her perfect poise while she is pranking the scammers.

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