6 Very Important Kitties With Biscuits To Make!

Cats making biscuits on unusual surfaces.

Although most cats can’t actually bake biscuits, they sure look like they know what they’re doing! Kitties of all ages are often seen kneading dough that isn’t there, and it’s pretty hilarious to watch. Scientists aren’t quite sure of the reason behind this unusual behavior, but they think it has something to do with their childhood feeding habits. Kittens tend to “knead” their mothers in order to get the milk going, according to Scientfic American.


As for why cats continue to make biscuits well into adulthood, the publication states that housepets often behave much younger than wild animals. This pattern is called neoteny. Whatever the reason for this entertaining feline habit, pet owners find it pretty delightful. Here are some of the cutest kneading kitties internet!

1. This cat is pretty busy with their biscuits, but he’ll take a break for head scratches!

2. Some kitties need a tutorial to learn the proper way to knead.

3. Silly cat, your owner’s face is not a biscuit!

4. This kitty is also a massage therapist on the side.

5. Synchronized kneading? Now that’s impressive!

6. This cat made so many biscuits, she needs a nap now!

We hope these adorable videos of cats kneading biscuits brighten your day, because they worked very hard to make them! If you want to see more hilarious kitties, we suggest you check here.

You can find the source of this story’s featured images here and here.

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