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15 Pictures Of Cats Being Charmingly, Irritatingly Cat-Like

cute cats

We love cats, even if they sometimes act as if they don’t love us back!

Cats are known for being a bit persnickety when it comes to showing their affection. They tend to treat their humans like “staff,” bossing us around and demanding love on their own terms. Yet no matter how cranky they may be, or how many of our houseplants they pillage, we can’t get enough of those fluffy little tyrants.

1. “Every time I order something….”

2. This man accidentally left the door open and the stray cat he’d been feeding made himself at home!

3. Did someone order some chicken legs?

4. “More reasons why I cannot give up working from home…”

5. “Yes, of course I have a date for Valentine’s Day.”

6. “Halt! Who goes there?”

7. “Must protect new tree.”

8. “When you have to stay focused, you’ve got to put on your thinking cat.”

9. “How I prefer my cats to greet me.”

10. “Princess Pamela knocked over two plants… all because I didn’t feed her the moment I came home from work.”

11. “She was chilling then looked up at the ceiling like this for a solid minute… then went back to normal.”

12. Has anyone seen the cat?

13. “Daily status meeting with my team.”

14. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

15. And you wonder why your burgers always have cat hair on them….

See what we mean? These cats don’t give a hoot about our feelings, but we adore them anyway. Sure, this may not be the healthiest relationship, but we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way!

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