Family Builds Wildlife Watering Hole After Seeing Their Fountain Help Thirsty Animals.

A squirrel and a bird drink from a wildlife watering hole.

When this family noticed how many animals frequented the small fountain in their yard, they decided to build a larger watering hole for local wildlife. Using a steel basin, they created a pond where a variety of critters could come to quench their thirst. Birds, squirrels, raccoons, and more have been attracted to the refreshing spot! So far, the family has captured some adorable footage of wild animals stopping by for a drink.

However, the watering hole has also caught the interest of some unexpectedly large wildlife. A mama bear and her cubs decided that the DIY pond would be the perfect place for a pool party! Thankfully, the family was able to observe the animals from the safety of their home.

While we don’t recommend trying to attract bears or other dangerous animals to your backyard, providing a small watering hole for local wildlife can be very rewarding! Of course, you want to make sure that you’re creating a safe environment for both animals and humans. Get acquainted with any wildlife safety rules in your neighborhood before building!

A squirrel drinks from a wildlife watering hole.
Screengrab from Animals Kind/TikTok

When it comes to creating a backyard pond, the Humane Society warns against still water. This can become a breeding ground for mosquitos. You can find solar powered fountains to keep the water flowing and prevent mosquitoes from breeding. It’s also important to make sure no small creatures drown in your pond. Stacking rocks and sticks against the sides of the basin can help provide an easy way to climb out.

Watch the video below to see how this watering hole brings a wide range of wildlife to this family’s yard!


after saw a lot of wild animal come to drink water , they decided to build a big pond for them to play #bear #animalskind #animalrescue

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