6 Times Shaq Taught Us All The Meaning Of Kindness

shaquille o’neal smiling as he poses with a family of 11 at a mercedes-benz of grapevine and shaquille o’neal helping kylon owens put on a suit jacket as the 17-year-old smiles from ear to ear

Every time Shaquille O’Neal leaves his house, he challenges himself to do at least one nice thing for someone. As easy as it would be for him to say that without following through, O’Neal is a man of his word, and there’s proof to back that up.

All it takes is one quick search to find all kinds of stories where this basketball superstar has gone out of his way to make someone’s day. We’ve written about quite a few of these moments ourselves! We’ve shared so many, in fact, that we put together some of our favorites for you to enjoy below!

1. When O’Neal witnessed a wreck on a highway in Florida, he didn’t just stop to make sure everyone was okay – he also stayed with them until the cops arrived!

2. When a Georgia mom reached out for help so she could buy her 13-year-old new shoes in a size 18, O’Neal didn’t hesitate to help.

3. A fan named Zion was in tears when O’Neal noticed him. The little boy had gotten in trouble with his parents for being too rowdy in the store, and O’Neal saw this as a great learning opportunity… followed by some special gifts.

4. Kylon Owens worked hard all throughout his high school career, and it payed off in ways he never could have imagined. In addition to getting valedictorian and graduating with both a high school diploma and associates degree, J.C. Penney decided to recognize him with a suit fitting that included a very special surprise!

5. O’Neal isn’t afraid to show off his silly side, especially when it involves doing a dance challenge with his kids!

6. When O’Neil met the Collins family, he couldn’t stop finding ways to help them out. Between new cars and free meals, he left this family of 11 absolutely speechless.

O’Neal is one of the most well-known stars in the world, and yet he’s managed to stay humble. That’s because he makes sure to remember where he came from. And in doing so, he finds that it only makes sense to use his blessings to bless others.

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