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5-Year-Old Adorably Dishes About Her New Boyfriend To BBC Reporter

A little girl talking into a microphone outdoors.

It takes a lot of guts to give a shoutout to your significant other on live television, but this 5-year-old girl had no qualms about mentioning her boyfriend to a BBC News reporter! In a heart-melting video, this adorable child proudly announced to the world that she was seeing someone. She wasn’t shy about dropping the young man’s name, either: Toby Ogden. Both the reporter and the little girl’s parents were hilariously surprised by her statements!

“That’s quite a declaration to make on national TV,” the journalist said.

If you can believe it, this 5-year-old had a few more bombshells to drop after telling the world about her boyfriend. Next, she revealed that her father (who was standing behind her at the time) was not fond of the young man. In fact, she told the reporter that he had a nefarious plan to keep the two lovebirds apart!

“My daddy said he will lock him in a tower,” she said.

However, it sounds like Mom is on her daughter’s side. Although she didn’t necessarily sanction the match, she did say that Toby was “lovely” and that the children were “good friends.”

What this little girl said next was even more surprising!

A little girl talking into a microphone outdoors.
Screengrab from TikTok

Once the topic of her boyfriend was exhausted, the 5-year-old girl was ready to move onto something else. Namely, her grandfather’s insect collection!

“My grandpa has a scorpion and a praying mantis and loads of bugs,” she informed BBC News.

Although this interviewer probably wasn’t expecting the conversation to go in this direction, he was clearly entertained by the little girl’s antics. When Daily Mail UK shared this hilarious video on social media, it quickly went viral!

We’re wishing all the best to these star-crossed lovers. Let’s hope Dad doesn’t make good on his alleged threats toward the 5-year-old girl’s boyfriend!

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